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We are loving group dedicated to our dear Dinky Hooves and her family!
Founded 6 Years ago
Oct 28, 2011


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Fan Club

645 Members
728 Watchers
94,859 Pageviews
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Gallery Folders

Checkup by iiAquaSplash
[COMM] Arrow Practice by VelvetyVictory
Peanut Star by DinkyUniverse
Dinky and Skystar by DinkyUniverse
Contest Entries
Ponet by asdflove
Ponet by WillowTails
Crackle Pop
Masked Dinky by GoggleSparks
Dinky's New Look by GoggleSparks
The Tinkerer's Graduation Day by GoggleSparks
Dinky's mending a shattered tablet. by GoggleSparks
Amethyst Star's Spotlight by BlazedSilver
Amethyst Star by TheLondonJamJar
Background Pony of the Week 9 by bluemeganium
Jewel Thief Sparkler: Always Return Home by GoggleSparks
Scumbag Derpy Hooves by srbarker
Royal Derpy by DrChrisman
Filly Derpy by DrChrisman
Goth Derpy By Natikop by ice1517
Dr. Whooves
doctor ! by Madkaichi
Doctor whooves going to aventure ! by Madkaichi
Doctor Whooves by elijahtrevelyan
MLP - King Doctor Whooves by caycowa
Carrot Top
OMG CARROTS by superlucky13
Carrot Top trot by HareTrinity
Golden Harvest by johling
Pulling Tops by Kakujo
My Bread. by FreeFraQ
Raindrops above the Clouds by johnjoseco
Bread. by FreeFraQ
Raindrops look on you. by FreeFraQ
Viewers Forewarned Ponies Are Watching by DinkyUniverse
Ponet The Drum Unicorn by ChainChomp2
light magic by dratini12
light magic by dratini12
Flutter Doo
Flutter Doo vector by Durpy
Cloud Kicker
cloud kicker by shadawg
Dinky and Derpy
Good Night, Little Muffin. by GoggleSparks
Dinky Little Licks by DinkyUniverse
The Hooves Family With Other Ponies
Apologizing by EmeraldBlast63
Heart Warming by EmeraldBlast63
The Hooves Family Humanized
Life is a Runway Derpy by DrChrisman
OC Hooves Family Members
Glass Family by HisPurpleness
OCs with the Hooves
Fanart - MLP. The Patience of a Scholar by jamescorck
{Animation} Little Derp Says Hi by Amura-Of-Jupiter
Doctor Whooves Page 38: A Flicker in the Dark by ShwiggityShwah
Dolls and Crafts
Mouse Pad - Derpy with her CM by Art-N-Prints
DoctorDerpy Stamp by KittyJewelpet78
Everything Else
derpy swim time fun by neoangelwink


:iconrollingdinkyplz:Other awesome pony groups, go to check them out!:iconrollingdinkyplz:

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If you want to affilate with us, just send a request-ALL pony groups are welcome!

Group Info

~Welcome to the Dinky-Hooves group!~

This group is about the little Dinky and her (unofficial) family!
Like every other group, this group has also rules too!

:bulletred: This group is for Dinky, Sparkler, Derpy, Dr. Whooves and Ponet, especially Dinky Hooves, but you can submit other ponies too, just make sure one of the Hooves is on the picture.

:bulletred: Make sure that you just submit your own artwork, don't submit screenshots, official artwork or stolen pictures!

:bulletred: If you want to submit your artwork, please choose the right folder, the featured folder is closed and only for the best work. Feel free to submit a lot of artwork.

:bulletred: Please keep the artwork Worksafe! Kids are a big part of the fanbase and may see your work. We don't need to scar them. LOL.

:bulletred: Be friendly and respect the other members, even if they have a different opinion as you! Love and Tolerate the heck outta them!

What Goes Where

This is just a summary of what pics go where. If you have a folder suggestion, just send us a note!

:pointr:Featured Folder
This is some of the top rated artwork! Also, contest winners will go here as well.

:pointr:Contest Entries
All entries for any contests go here. After contests are over, pictures will be moved to the more appropriate folder.

:pointr:Dinky Hooves
Our favorite Silly Filly goes here. Just Dinky! No pony else.

Dinky's big Sis goes here.

:pointr:Derpy Hooves
Our favorite cross-eyed pony goes here. She is also known as her official name, Ditzy Doo.

:pointr:Doctor Whooves
Our favorite time traveling pony goes here.

The wavy-maned mysterious unicorn goes here. This folder is extremely lacking-Ponet needs more lovins!

:pointr:Rain Drops
The yellow and teal pony seen with Derpy in the first ever scene she was in! Rumored to be her sis because they have the same design, just different colors.

:pointr:Cloud Kicker
Also said to be Derpy's sister, because of the similar color scheme, she gets her own folder too!

:pointr:Carrot Top
How she is related to Derpy I have no idea other than sisters or cousins but since they're seen a lot together, people say they're related somehow.

:pointr:Flutter Doo
Another one of Derpy's relatives? She shares the exact same design, except for the mane and tail color.

:pointr:Dinky and Derpy
The adorable mother and daughter coupling go here.

Any two of the allowed ponies together go in this folder. The pictures don't have to be romantic.

:pointr:The Hooves Family with Other Ponies
Any other official characters with our dear Hooves family go here.

Three or more of the allowed ponies together go here!

:pointr:The Hooves Family Humanized
Any drawings of the Hooves family as anthros or as humans go here.

:pointr:OC Hooves Family Members
Any OCs of the Hooves family such as new foals, parents, sisters, etc. Group and Coupling go here as well. Just OC HOOVES FAMILY MEMBERS only. All other OCs with the Hooves go in the folder below!

:pointr:OCs with the Hooves
Any original character with any of the Hooves family go here. This includes parents or more babies!

Flash games and general animations go here, including moving icons and GIFs.

Comic strips go here, can include any OCs or official characters, as long as one of the Hooves are in it.

Any poetry, fanfics, or any other writings go here.

:pointr:Dolls and Crafts
Any custom doll modifications, plushies, jewelry or other hand made goodies should go here.

Stamps go here. If you use one, please favorite them. The creators appreciate this polite gesture.

:pointr:Everything Else
Anything that doesn't go into another folder goes here.
Thank you so much for everyone who participated in this contest! Such great entries! Ponet would be so proud!
Sorry it took me a couple of days to get this typed up!

Our WINNER is:

First Prize Winner by M4st3rD First Prize Winner by M4st3rD:thumb293317335: First Prize Winner by M4st3rD First Prize Winner by M4st3rD
Ponet and Derpy by Heatherblaze725


Runner Up Emote Trophy- Animtd by mirzjiles:thumb295198081: Runner Up Emote Trophy- Animtd by mirzjiles
Ponet by YourLittleStalker

I will be sending notes out today to see what type of drawings you guys would like!

Please, if you're one of our group members who volunteered a prize, please contact the winner and runner up where applicable. Please refer to the bottom of this journal if you aren't sure:
More Journal Entries








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